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Flower Essences: A Powerful Way to Restore Balance and Well-Being

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I met a new client the other day. She introduced herself as the proud parent of a son, 2 dogs, and several plants.

A plant parent? Why not! Plants are living beings that need care, and in return, provide us with many powerful benefits.

You already know the power of plants to provide the basis for a healthy diet and to oxygenate the world. They even provide shady spots to rest and beautiful fragrances to our homes and gardens.

But there’s another form of plant power – flower power – that you may have never heard of: flower essences.

Flower essences have the power to restore well-being, ease emotional distress, balance energy, and enable quicker healing.

How can flower essences improve your life – and the lives of your beloved pet companions? I can’t wait to share that with you! Let’s dive in.

What are flower essences?

It all began with a 1930s English scientist, Dr. Edward Bach.

Bach was frustrated by doctors who focus on treating disease rather than creating wellness by treating the whole person. Sound familiar? 😉

Bach turned his focus toward natural, homeopathic ways to create well-being in his patients. A nature lover, Bach began to notice the profound effect flowers have on human emotions.

Dr. Bach researched thousands of plants, and after years of trial and error, he infused the energetic imprint of the flower into a tincture. Each tincture, known as a flower essence, was cultivated to treat a person’s mental state or emotion. Thanks to his focus on wellness and years of research, Bach Flower Essences were born.

Although the early work with flower essences began in humans, it didn’t take long for animal lovers and veterinarians to see how using flower essences improves the lives of animals.

Today, vets, trainers, rescues, sanctuaries, and loving families use flower essences to help their pets live healthy and harmonious lives.

How do flower essences work?

Each living flower has its own individual characteristics and energetic imprint that make it unique. Flower essences contain the patterns and vibrations of those living plants.

Flower essences work on a vibrational level. They work on your subtle energy fields and energy centers. Their high vibrational frequency works through the principle of resonance. Your body resonates with these vibrations, bringing your body and mind back into balance. This enables physical, mental, and emotional harmony.

When you ingest or apply them to your skin, the energetic imprint of the flower essences is introduced into your body. There, it works to restore balance and harmony to the systems that are destabilized by emotional, physical, or mental stress or trauma.

Why is this important?

Flower essences allow the body to relax, enabling its healing potential to work more quickly and efficiently. But flower essences can also work in concert with other healing modalities. Medicine, therapy, or other treatments work faster and better when the body and mind are relaxed and in a harmonious state.

The best part? Flower essences work equally well on humans and animals without side effects or contraindications.

How are flower essences made?

Flower essences are made through a gentle, peaceful, and natural process. Part science, part artistry, the flower essence practitioner puts the selected flower blossoms in a bowl of water in direct sunlight. The sunlight extracts the energy from the flower. After a specific period of time, the water becomes infused with the flower’s energetic imprint, creating an essence with its own vibrational pattern.

The flower essence is then preserved with a small amount of brandy and stored in a dark glass vial.

What are some flower essence benefits?

Your pets aren’t just animals that happen to share your space, they’re valued members of your family! Because we have such close relationships to our pets, what happens to one of you affects the other.

Animals mirror us in many ways. You may have experienced times of stress, chaos, anxiety, or deep sadness. Your pet picks up on those vibrations and is affected by your moods.

Likewise, there’s nothing worse than feeling like something is off with your pet. If they’re sick, depressed, or in pain, it affects you. Knowing something is wrong and not knowing what to do is a terrible feeling for a pet parent.

As a flower essence practitioner, I use flower essences to address the problems that are going on with pets and their human companions.

My process begins by communicating with the animal on an intuitive level. This way, I’m able to see and feel the imbalances that have developed in the animal through stress, trauma, loneliness, or grief.

The insights I receive helps me select the right flower essences the being needs. The energetic imprint of the flower essences help restore well-being and resolve emotional or energetic issues.

In my experience flower essences have a variety of benefits for pets. Here are some common issues they can help address:

Behavior Issues:

  • Aggression

  • Barking

  • Excessive grooming

  • Separation anxiety

  • Leash reactivity

  • Dominant or bossy behavior

  • Learning or performance issues

Emotional Issues:

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Overwhelm

  • Jealousy

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Lack of confidence

  • Clingy or needy

Physical Ailments:

  • Skin issue

  • Joint pain

  • Fussy eaters

  • Eases symptoms of pain and provides a sense of calm so that the efforts of veterinarians and holistic practitioners can be quicker and more effective

This all sounds great, but…

Do flower essences work?

In my 30 years as a flower essence practitioner, I’ve seen profound flower essence benefits countless times. Here, you can read a case study on a remarkable horse, Tango. He was unable to walk and his caretaker was advised to euthanize. Flower essences laid the foundation for healing, and Tango made a complete recovery.

I’ve worked with hundreds of animals and the people who love them and have real results.

And while anecdotal evidence is important, there have been empirical studies done, too.

  • Studies on humans showed that flower essences have benefits in calming anxiety in adults and children.

  • Plus, a study in rats showed that flower essences work to control glycemia, triglycerides, and HDL-cholesterol, decreasing the risk for cardiovascular disease!

So, as “woo woo” or “out there” as they may sound, flower essences foster real wellness of you and your beloved pets.

Are flower essences right for you and your pet?

It's not always easy to know what kind of support our pets need. But, if you're looking for a natural way to help your pet live a happy, healthy, balanced life, then flower essences can be a natural tool to add to your healthy lifestyle arsenal.

Because flower essences are homeopathic remedies, they are safe for adults, children, and animals. There are no side effects when used as directed, so you gain all the benefits of flower essences without the risk.

I believe flower essences are a bridge to bring you and your pet closer emotionally and spiritually to live a more harmonious life together.

Pet parents, plant parents, animals, kids – all of us living in the modern world – will benefit from the gentle but powerful energetic balance flower essences provide. When we’re in balance, we’re better able to handle life. It’s flower power to the rescue!

If you’d like to explore how flower essences can help your particular situation, you may be interested in my program called Balance and Restore. Together, we’ll:

  • come up with a blend of flower essences to bring both you and your pet back into balance,

  • restore your well-being, and

  • create the relationship you both deserve!

Contact me to schedule a call to see if flower essences are right for you.


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