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Heal your pet's
emotional & behavioral issues 
and deepen your relationship…

…so you can restore balance and quicken the healing process naturally and gently.

Let flower essence therapy help you restore your pet's well-being and help you create the relationship you and your pet deserve!

My signature 12 week program is designed to help both you and your pet.

You'll strengthen bonds, regain balance, and create harmony between you and your animal companion.

It’s an awful feeling to know that something’s off with your pet.


You love your pet like a member of the family. But sometimes, issues arise that keep us from having the easygoing, harmonious, fun-loving relationship we want with our beloved animal.


Although they can’t speak to you, you know your pet better than anyone and you can sense when something’s wrong.

Creating optimal health for your pet
These issues can show up as:

Undesirable Behavior

  • Destructive behaviors like chewing, digging, or destroying things in the house

  • Excessive barking

  • Aggression to other animals or people

  • Inappropriate elimination like marking, submissive/excitement urination, or toileting in the house

fearful dog.png

Emotional Issues

  • Fear

  • Separation anxiety

  • Loss of appetite

  • Depression

  • Compulsive behaviors like licking, tail chasing, pacing

  • Excessive grooming

Even though you love your pet deeply, these behaviors can leave you frustrated, angry, or simply at a loss as to how to help.

Your pet is clearly out of sorts, and because you love them, so are you.


I get it!
Your dog or cat isn’t just an animal, they’re companions who share your life.
Feel familiar?

You know something is “off” with your beloved companion and wish more than anything she could just tell you what’s going on.

You’re suffering with anxiety, depression, or health issues yourself and you can sense the effect it’s having on your animal companion.

Your pup’s behavior issues mean you can’t relax and enjoy walks,have people over, or leave your him alone and it’s stressing you out.

You want to deeply connect to this creature that shares your life in a way that honors the sentient being she is.

Ready for BOTH of you to feel better, do better, and live better?

Working with Diane is almost like having a therapist for your animal that you could talk to about your animal. But it's also that she has a bedside manner like a doctor should. You just feel like you can talk to her, and she takes her time, she listens to you. You get her full attention.  ~Pauline Flynn

Create balance and wellbeing

I understand because I’ve been there.

energetic healing

You know from your own experiences (not to mention an abundance of studies) that your immune system is stronger, you heal faster, and you stay healthier when you are emotionally healthy.


The same is true for your pet. 


Content, happy animals are healthier animals.


Like most of us, I suffered from emotional and physical issues that made life harder than it needed to be. And because my pets and I share a close bond, I could see and feel that my issues were affecting them, too.


My search for natural and holistic solutions led me on a journey researching and studying with some of the pioneers in the field of natural healing.


What I learned through my healing journey transformed my health and my relationship with animals.

Most importantly, it lit a fire within me to share what I’ve learned to heal and transform the lives of people (just like you!) and their beloved pets.


Balance and Restore with Flower Essences
A 12-week program of flower essence therapy to accelerate the healing of your pet’s emotional and physical issues, support your own well-being, and help you create the balanced, healthy, and loving relationship you were meant to have.
What are flower essences?
Flower essence bottle.png

Flower essences are liquid plant energy in the form of a tincture.


These remedies contain the vibrational imprint of the plant which act on our subtle energy fields and energy centers.


Their uniquely high rate of vibration interacts with our systems to resolve imbalances and restore physical, emotional, and mental harmony. 


Flower essences are beautiful, natural, and effective tools to bring your minds, bodies, and spirits back to a state of balanced well-being.

How does this sound?