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My Story

My story begins like so many others, as a sensitive child. When things got stressful for me, I turned to nature for solace and escape. 


I went deep into the woods and sat among the trees and the animals for hours. Little by little, I became aware that I had a special gift, the ability to communicate with my animal friends.


Now I realize that this may seem a little strange, and it was to me, too! That’s why I didn’t talk to others about my gift. I pursued more mainstream ways to make a difference in the lives of animals. 


Meanwhile, I quietly pursued research and study about all the ways in which we impact the health and well-being of the animals we love. I studied animal nutrition, animal communication, and the consciousness of nature, reading everything I could get my hands on and studying with pioneers in the field. 


I opened The Healthy Animal, a natural pet food store, in 2002 . Using food and supplements to improve animals’ lives has been a real joy, but I knew that something was missing.


I knew I could make a greater impact on the health and well-being of both animals and the people who love them by integrating a fresh food diet with energetic healing,  flower essences, and  through my intuitive gifts. 


I’m now fully living my purpose, providing a holistic approach to helping pet parents create healthy, happy, and balanced pets.


The Healthy Animal Healing Center is the culmination of my life’s work, study, and passion, and I’m so grateful to share it with you and your beloved animal companion. Together, we help animals live the lives they were born to live!

Today, I offer all-natural food, supplements, holistic remedies, chews, and grooming products in the store, and Holistic Healing Programs and Total Wellness Consutations online or in-person.

Let’s Work Together!

Get in touch so we can create health and balance for your pet.

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