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Energetic healing is next-level healing.

The animals in your family are more than pets. They’re enlightened beings with souls and emotions.

 Like humans, they may have experienced past traumas. Using a combination of traditional, spiritual, and natural techniques, we address the root cause of the issue to return your animal to a state of natural balance, optimal health, and emotional well-being. 

Part of maintaining a pet's well-being is to address their emotional health.

Animals, like humans, suffer from depression, anxiety, and trauma.


Sometimes, this trauma manifests itself in destructive or undesirable behaviors,

making life for the animal and its human downright miserable.

With Energetic Healing, you can...

  • Deepen your relationship and gain insight into your pet's heart, soul, and experiences

  • Correct behavioral issues by resolving past traumas to soothe and heal

  • Enlighten yourself to your animal's consciousness, improving your life and the life of your animal companion.

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Do any of these describe you?

  • Your pet seems to be unhappy or in pain and you're looking for a way to help.

  • You want to gain insight into the "why" of your pet's behavior.

  • You want the guidance of the nature-spirit realm to inform you of your pet’s health and well-being.

  • You want a more profound relationship with your animal to gain insight into his heart, soul, and experiences.

  • You’re open to a deeper meaning in your own life as you begin to understand the extraordinary consciousness of the animal with whom you share your life.

  • You've seen the difference energy work has made in your own life and want your pet to benefit, too.

If any of these statements resonate with you, Energetic Healing can set you on the path to your healing journey!

flower essences

Intuitive Healing
and Communication

When I do an intuitive reading, I’m guided by my Compassionate Spirit Teachers and Power Animals.

In this non-ordinary reality, the animal shows me its story and the trauma that occurred in this life. From that information, I’m able to choose the correct Flower Essence that will help release the trauma and let the healing begin on an emotional level.


Done either remotely or in person, this is a powerful way to develop a deeper connection with and understanding of your pet.

Having been in the rescue community for many years, I always had a desire to know a rescue’s backstory, what happened to them that caused them to wind up needing a new home. Most of the time, it’s not possible to know. But with Diane’s intuitive ability, I now have a window into my dog that would otherwise not have been possible. She provided insights that helped me help my dog. What a tremendous gift to me as a dog parent and a foster mom!

~Melissa Goodwin

Delta Gardens Partnership Energy Transmission (PET)

This work was developed by David Dalton, Founder of Delta Gardens in New Hampshire , my mentor and teacher.


This in-person hands on energy work involves working with a specific symptom or behavior of the animal by using a pendulum. I am guided to use certain essences to address the specific needs of the animal. I put one drop of each essence in a small amount of water and give it to the animal . I then lay my hands on the pet for 10 or 15 minutes, allowing the healing power of the essence and my vibrational energy to begin the healing process.

Each individual essence used in this method has the potential to raise the vibration to open blockages and ease mental and emotional stress in the pet.    


*This method is not a replacement for veterinary treatment for disease or illness, please see your veterinarian

energetic healing

Diane understands it's the body, the mind, the soul, the spirit of the animal, in my case, my dogs, that has to be addressed and addressed in a way that all of those parts work together harmoniously. ~Mary Ann M.

energetic healing
Balance and Restore with Flower Essences

A 12-week program of flower essence therapy to accelerate the healing of your pet’s emotional and physical issues, support your own well-being, and help you create the balanced, healthy, and loving relationship you were meant to have.

flower essences

The change in my dog was amazing, not only in her skin but she just got more active, she got more energy, she just seemed happier and healthier. It was amazing.  ~Vicky Goldberg

The basics...

I meet with you and your pet to discuss the issues you’re experiencing either in-person or remotely on Zoom.


  • We’ll do a deep dive into your concerns about your pet, the symptoms your pet is experiencing, and how best to support your needs as a pet parent.

  • Using my extensive knowledge of flower essences, I’ll create a custom blend for both you and your pet so that healing can begin faster and easier. I have 1,000+ from which to choose!

  • We’ll meet each month to evaluate and adjust the tinctures to create the results you want based on results.

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