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Natural Animal Healing

Empowering you to integrate natural food and holistic approaches for the well-being of your pet's body, mind, and spirit.

Your pets aren't "just pets." They're members of the family!

You love your pets and want to do your very best you to help them live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Our mission is to provide you with the cutting edge information, quality nutrition, and holistic healing modalities to help you do just that.

We help animals and the people who love them.

Can you relate? You want:

  • Your pet to live longer and be healthier.

  • Expert advice that takes the guesswork and stress out of figuring out what to feed your pet.

  • A deeper understanding of your pet’s behavior, thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

  • To do all you can to improve the day to day quality of life for your pet.

  • To heal your pet's physical and emotional issues naturally to create vibrant health and well-being.

If these resonate with you, The Healthy Animal Healing Center is the place for you and your pets!

We approach pet well-being with a holistic approach.

Here's how we help, both in-store and online:

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We specialize in fresh food diets and supplements for dogs and cats. Our foods are all natural, ethically sourced, and the highest quality available.


We offer a wide variety of cognitive and sensory enrichment toys, puzzles, chews, and treats to stimulate your dog's mind, relieve stress, and keep boredom at bay.


Using a variety of holistic methods including Intuitive Healing, Flower Essences, and Energy Work, we help resolve the root cause of issues and help you create deeper bonds with your pet.


We share access to our trusted experts, scientists, and cutting-edge practitioners in the pet food and health industries  to empower you with holistic healing options.

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Hi! I'm Diane.

And this is Teddie.


Welcome to The Healthy Animal Healing Center!

I’ve been studying the science and the art of animal nutrition and animal intuitive healing for over 30 years. It seems my entire life experiences have led me to this, my life’s work.

My entire career has been focused on the study and practice of creating vibrant health for animals through excellent nutrition and holistic healing.

My healing center is a place you can come to get the finest quality nutrition, advice, products, and services that will help you and your pet live your best lives together.

Kind Words From Our Clients

Diane always greets me with a smile. She's so knowledgeable across the board with foods and supplements. I’ve done Energetic Healing with her myself, which is amazing. She's just a wealth of knowledge all around. She shares her resources. I don't know why anyone else would go anywhere else.

~Paula Hines

When you go into Diane's store, you feel like you're the only customer. Her customer service is just absolutely outstanding. She has a special gift. Coupled with the knowledge that she has, that's "the secret to the sauce."

~Leah Franzen

Believe me, every single mouthful of food that has gone into my champion Pembroke Welsh Corgis has come from her all these years, and I've been extremely successful. Since I have been following Diane's suggestions, I have very few vet bills. Everyone gets the same response that I get which is total concentration on their problem and trying to solve it.

~Anne Bowes, Heronsway Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Diane has a genuine love of animals. I honestly feel she loves each and every one of them with her whole soul as much as I do, which is rare for people. She has helped me so much in ways that I didn't even know were out there. She's a superhero; it's amazing.

~Nancy Murphy

Home: Classes

Animals come into our lives for a reason. They are thinking, feeling beings who want to share all that they are with the people who love them. They depend on us to do the very best we can to ensure they’re able to fully express their purpose, their love, and their companionship.


We believe:

  • Fresh, quality food is the foundation of vibrant health and well-being.

  • Pet parents should be empowered to make the best decisions for their pets with access to quality research, information, and holistic alternatives.

  • Being proactive in preventing disease is empowering.

  • Animal wellness includes physical health, mental health, and emotional health.

  • Animals have spirits, souls, independent thoughts, and energies just like we do.

  • The inner well-being of both animals and humans plays a significant role in our quality of life.

  • In quality ingredients that are ethically sourced and manufactured.

  • In educated, passionate employees who care about you and your beloved pet.

Serving Pembroke , Duxbury, Hanover, Kingston, Hanson, Plymouth, Halifax, Marshfield, and surrounding cities in Massachusetts.
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The Healthy Animal Healing Center

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