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Welcome to the World of
Flower Essences

Humankind has been using plants as medicine for as long as we've existed.

You may have never heard of them before, but flower essences have been in use for over 3,000 years, beginning with the Ancient Egyptians!

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When something has that kind of longevity, you can be sure it's because they are safe and effective.

Flower essences are a gentle yet powerful way for us to use the power of plants to help ease pain, restore well-being, and assist the body and mind to resolve emotional or behavioral issues.

Safe and effective for humans and animals alike, flower essences are Nature's way to support us all

as we navigate life.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

>What flower essences are and how they were developed.

>How flower essences work to restore balance and well-being.

>How flower essences help animals.

>Symptoms that can be relieved with flower essences.

>How flower essences are made.

How flower essence help people.

How to incorporate flower essences into your self-care practices.

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Flower Essences

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