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Case Study: 
Nicole Chillemi and Tango
Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary

Nicole Chillemi, co-founder of Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary in North Carolina, relies on Diane Dewberry’s intuitive communication and flower essence therapy to bring healing, balance, understanding, and comfort to the animals in her care as well as insight and support for herself as an animal rescuer.

Case Study

Here is Tango's story.


When Tango came to the sanctuary, his hooves were in terrible shape. He had other issues like COPD and chronic allergies. From years of struggle at many different homes with poor care and neglect, he had been traumatized and left with feet that were cut too small for him to stand on. 

Nicole needed guidance about whether it was time to euthanize Tango. 

  • Was he just too tired of living with the trauma to go on? 

  • Was there a possibility for recovery? 

  • Does he even want to endure the pain of recovery?


Nicole, as the rescuer who loved Tango deeply, needed help herself. 

  • She needed to be sure she wasn’t putting him through unnecessary pain or letting go too soon. 

  • She wanted to understand him better in order to help him. 

  • Nicole needed reassurance that she was doing the right thing for Tango from someone outside the situation who could advise her with compassion and objectivity.


Tango made a full and complete recovery. His hooves healed, his emotional defenses came down, and he became a happy horse until he chose to make his transition on his own terms. Several years later at 27 years of age, he died peacefully knowing he was seen, heard, understood, and loved.

What we did:
  • Diane used her intuitive abilities along with her spirit guides to communicate with Tango. She discovered that he did want to live and was willing to endure the recovery process. 

  • Prescribed flower essence formulas to help Tango’s hooves reconnect and utilize energy from the earth to grow properly. 

  • Helped Tango process and work through the emotional trauma he had endured through the use of flower essence formulas to restore balance and harmony.

  • Provided detailed descriptions of her communications with Tango to Nicole. That allowed Nicole to get a much deeper understanding of what Tango had gone through and how she could support him on his healing journey.


Tango was able to live his remaining years as a horse should, wandering the grounds with his girlfriend, at peace, without pain.

Nicole found support, guidance, and reassurance. Nicole said, "It helps to understand your animal better, to communicate with them better, to relate to them better. Diane's work gives you a new understanding and a new way of being with them that is conducive to a better relationship because but they can't share with us how they feel about the things like we do."


She continues to use Diane to help other animals at the sanctuary.

Thoughts From Nicole
Tango 2.jpg

“Some of the animals that have come through here have really deep trauma. I see them transformed from the work that Diane does and from the flower essences. I believe in it with all my heart. I see horses go from defensive and hurting to soft and open-hearted. They’re able to help people open their hearts because now they know how to. I credit that to Diane’s intuitive work and the flower essences.


I was able to get a better understanding of Tango to help him release trauma to help his soul evolve. It gives me so much more peace considering everything that happens when you run an animal sanctuary. It's just all so profound. Knowing that I can email her and get her support is invaluable.


Diane connected with Tango after he passed and that gave me a lot of peace around him and his passing.”

Case Study: 
Caitlin Morrison and Ali
From Death’s Door to Unstoppable


Meet Ali

Caitlin adopted Ali, a rescued Staffordshire Terrier, from an abusive, neglectful home in 2014.  

Ali had been tied up in the backyard. Food had been scattered near her, but out of reach. Malnourished and emotionally abused, Ali weighed just 10 pounds. 


She had a funky smell to her and her white coat had yellowed. She’d given birth to many puppies while being malnourished herself.


Shortly after she was adopted, Ali developed huge, puss-filled hives.


Caitlin sought help to deal with Ali’s horrible allergies and to get advice about how to bring her back to health.

Little did we know, our journey was not ending there.

Ali had so much to overcome!

Caitlin supported Ali through:

  • Two cancer surgeries

  • Two knee replacements

  • A broken paw

  • A near-drowning experience

  • Anorexia

  • Severe B-12 deficiency

What we did:
  • Total Wellness Consultation:  Ali's issues were complex and daunting. Caitlin needed education and support with nutrition, supplements, and energetic for Ali and emotional support for herself as she navigated Ali's recovery. 

"Diane and Freddie's brains should be studied! I have never met two people that know so much. So much of it was I thought it was more exterior stuff, but they've taught me that there's so much more to it. I’ve learned that even if you have a healthy dog, they can feel even healthier."

  • Prescribed flower essence formulas: Both Ali and Caitlin needed extra support to not take on one another's stress and moods. Ali benefitted with the flower essences' abilities to help the body heal and to remain calm while at the hospital and during recovery.


The pet essences worked beautifully. They've have helped Ali be a little stronger, a little more independent. It helps with her separation anxiety and sleep.

  • Energetic healing and communication: Caitlin needed to understand what Ali went through before she adopted her, and Ali beneffited from being able to communicate her story and her needs.

It was just a beautiful experience. It was good to know her story, to know where she came from and why her body was in such bad shape. Just to know about her and to know that spirit about her.

  • Emotional Support and Education for Caitlin as the Pet Parent: All of Caitlin's previous dogs were normal and healthy. Caitlin needed education and support to bring Ali back to health. Caitlin needed the support of pet wellness experts to help her navigate through so much emotional and physical trauma.

​They are determined to ensure that Ali’s life is what it should be and what she deserves. And they do it for all the animals. They care so much about this.


Ali has undergone a total transformation with her physical and emotional health. 

“For so long she wouldn't play with her toys. She lost that joy inside of her. She stopped doing the zoomies around the house and I was like, oh my gosh, this dog deserves so much because the beginning of life was so horrible. 


Now, she's thriving. With Diane and Freddie’s recommendations, she's unstoppable!”

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